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"If you're a Silverstein fan, a fish fan, a kid, a grownup with a kid, or have an intact sense of humor, you will enjoy the heck out of 'Underwater Land.' "
"Witty and whimsical lyrics combined with highly listenable vocals and melodies make this a true stand-out family album."
Rave & Review
"When it comes to smart and funny family albums, this is the catch of the day!"
Parent's Choice Magazine
"Lyrically marvelous, marvelously irreverent, and irreverently hilarious!"
Disney's Family Fun
"A wonderfully creative and poignant recording"
Chicago Parent
"Bound to be a Classic!"


We are proud to announce that Underwater Land has won the prestigious Parent's Choice Gold Award and the Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award!

Parent's Choice Gold Award Parent's Guide Children's Media Award